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problem with install virtfile.inf on 2008r2 media server

Created: 07 Marzo 2013 | 3 comments

Hi all,

I had a problem about installing virtfile on a media aserver with 2008R2 OS.

I had successful install the virtfile.inf and can find the virtfile.sys at system32\Driver folder.

But while I check with fltmc command it sill do show virtfile on the list.

I had follow the solutions mention on below post (all the solutions had tried):




Operating Systems:

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el cuadro de los pkh

Try this

1) uninstall the remote agent from the remote server

2) uninstall the agent licence keys from the media server

3) restart all the BE services

4) install the agent licence keys in the media server and check that they are properly installed.

5) push out the remote agent to the remote server.

6) try your backup again.

el cuadro de los kentinko

Hi pkh,

Is there any other solution that no need to uninstall the remote agent?

Because some file server are still backup by old backup exec.



el cuadro de los pkh

See whether your symptoms matches those described in this document