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Problems with centera, temporary archive to NTFS

Created: 26 Nov 2012 • Updated: 27 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
el cuadro de los Pixa
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Hi experts,

i would like your opinion about my problem and temporary solution.

We have some major problems with centera in our organization, one cantera completely failed, and now the storage guys are trying to replicate all content from valid one to the fixed one.

Because of all the replication, everything that is connected to the centera is extremely slow, especially if EV archiveing is running. So for now archiving is disabled. 

What we would like to do now, is to add an NTFS partition to the vault store, so that archiving can run normally, and when centera recovers we would like to migrate the data from NTFS to Centera, if this is posible.

Has anyone dealt with similar situation, and am i on the right track?

Thanks in advance.

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el cuadro de los JesusWept3

Yes you can definitely do that and perform an NTFS to centera migration
Just close your open centera partition, create a new NTFS partition then when the centera is fixed close the NTFS partition and create a new centera partition then do the migration

And then just hope the centera doesn't fail again!

el cuadro de los Pixa

Hi, thanks for the quick response. Can i instead of creating new centera partition just open the closed one?

el cuadro de los JesusWept3

I think you could do that, I would do the partition just for my own sakes so that i can tell the difference between data that was migrated from the broken Centera to the new Centera, and the items migrated from NTFS to Centera and the new items being archived.

That way if there are items missing or something odd about the items, i can easier identify an issue.

One quick example would be say someone was failing t retrieve an item, by doing a SQL query against the Saveset ID i can tell what partition the item is in, and if its in the old partition, then it may have been an issue copying from the broken to the fixed centera.... if its in the new partition it may be an issue going from NTFS to centera.