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PST migrator - Automatically assign archives to PSTs

Created: 16 Julio 2012 | 4 comments
el cuadro de los lukassc


I was trying to import some PST, but when I stand in to the "destination archive", does not automatically assing the archive, I have to do it manualy.

Why is that? The only thing I can came up is that the user is disable, but nothing more.

Any ideas?

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el cuadro de los AndrewB

you're right, it doesn't have a way to automatically asign the destination archive. if you use the PST locator, however, there are a couple mechanisms in place for it to identify which mailbox/archive to associate the PST with for you automatically.

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el cuadro de los Wayne Humphrey

why not use EVPM where you can script it all, much quicker and easier ;)

Take a look at a couple of my comments here:


el cuadro de los Rob.Wilcox

FWIW, Server Driven PST Migration, using the locate/collect/migrate method does this:

Ownership of PSTs is determined by a process called correlation.  There are a number of ways that the process tries to determine the ownership of a particular PST file. 

  • If the PST has been marked then that information is used.  Marking is enabled in the Desktop Policy and performed by the Outlook Addin. (The MigratorServer process has to open the PST file in order to perform the first check)
  • Try to determine a unique user with write access to the PST file.
  • Try to determine a unique user with write access to the folder that contains the PST file
  • Try to determine a unique user with write access to the share
el cuadro de los lukassc

But, wit PST migrator we try one user and the destination assign automaticaly. The only difference between them is the owner its disable.

Do you think if I enable the user, the destination assign automaticaly?

I will take a look to the pst locator.