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Public folder actions slow / unresponsive

Created: 05 Oct 2012 | 7 comments

Hi folks

Getting alot of reports from customers having difficulty with archived public folder content. This location looks to have only recently been archived. Getting messages such as:

'Can't open this item. You don't have appropriate permission to perform this operation'

'This item cannot be displayed.

Additional information: You may need to install additional software to view items of this type or it may only be possible to display this item from the folder that contains this item.'

Additionally, users are experiencing alot of slowdown, and unresponsiveness with opening folders containing archived items, and alot of hangs when opening content (if the messages above arent displayed).

Version info:

We are on Enteprise Vault server version 8.0.4,

Outlook 2003 SP3 deployed via Citrix

Outlook plugin has also recently been upgraded from 7.5 to 8.0.4

Archiving data from an Exchange 2003 environment (which just contains public folders)

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el cuadro de los Rob.Wilcox

Have you tried looking at :


DTRACE of storageonlineopns


el cuadro de los ianG

Thanks for the suggestions Rob, Ill look into them

el cuadro de los JesusWept3

the items aren't encrypted or protected by any chance? (i.e Voltage, PGP or RMS?)

el cuadro de los ianG

No, I dont believe so

Its looking more and more like connection issues for a certain subset of users back to the EV server(s). Im looking at proxy/web settings currently

Ive been unable to replicate the issue the users are experiencing using the same Citrix based Outlook 2003 client, so its quite difficult to troubleshoot. Ive been granted access to the 'problematic' public folder structure, but it is working perfectly fine for me (annoyingly)

el cuadro de los JesusWept3

The thing that is confusing to me is this line here
"You may need to install additional software to view items of this type"

It might be worth getting a client trace as well
Another thing it could be is that its going over the number of referals that exchange will allow from one PF Server to another

el cuadro de los ianG

Its a funny one alright - attached the exact message in a screenshot

Ive only really mentioned it as its one of the few definitive error messages Ive gotten from the users - other then that its annecdotal slowness/unresponsiveness. Ill work on gathering a client log from that user.

The referals you mention I'll look into also - I know there is something unusual with how our PF servers are attached (if thats thats the correct word) to one another.. but I cant quite remember

el cuadro de los ManishN


Have you ref. http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH148466  or


If this didn't helped then i would recommend you to initiate dtrace from EV server and client trace to investigate further.