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Public Folder Archive to Shared Mailbox Archive

Created: 16 Agosto 2012 • Updated: 21 Agosto 2012 | 3 comments
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I am using EV

I have an Exchange 2003 Public Folder Archive of over 3,000 subfolders, over 460,000 mail items and is about 80GB in size.  It is data that is not changing and the Public Folder in Exchange is going away.  I would like to move this archive data into a Shared Mailbox Archive as we are wanting to quit using Public Folders.  As I understand it the Export Wizard will not let me export a Public Folder.  I did find a discussion here https://www-secure.symantec.com/connect/forums/pst-migration-public-folder-archive that suggested you could change the Archive Type to make it seem as though the archive is a Mailbox Archive rather than a Public Folder from within the SQL database.  There was some concern within the discussion for future archiving and such.  Of course this will no longer be getting any mail items added to it so I am not sure that is a concern, but are there other concerns?

If I were to do this could I use either the Move Utility or the Export Wizard to accomplish my task or are their concerns with not getting all of the data such as attachments or something of that nature? 

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el cuadro de los AndrewB

can you explain why you want to take this approach? is it for users to be able to access the data after PF are gone? is it for eDiscovery purposes only? etc.

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el cuadro de los KLGATES

It is for certain users to access and possible eDiscovery if necessary after the Public Folder is gone.  Unfortunately, the main reason is because that is how they did all of the other smaller Public Folders prior to me working on this.  Of course this being a much larger Public Folder, I thought it would make more sense to let Enterprise Vault archive the Public Folder rather than me trying to create a number of broken up folders into PST's and import them that way.  I did not realize until half way through the archive process that you can not export from the Public Folder Archive.  So I am thinking my options are leave it in the Public Folder Archive which is different than they have done in the past and I am uncertain what the differences would be between that and a shared mailbox archive or use the Web search to export to PST.  Of course the Web Search I think will be a nightmare due to the size and number of items.

el cuadro de los Mohawk Marvin

I would still use my method outlined in your first post to "convert" the archive over. This will allow you to PST export the archive out. 

Jsut make backups prior to SQL updates.