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Restore of Enterprise Vault in parallel

Created: 05 DEC 2013


We have a situation where 2 user archives have been mistakenly deleted and we need to perform DR in order to export them.

The EV Server and SQL server are both Virtual machines and are backed up using Enterprise Vault Policies in Netbackup

We have 5 Policies

Open Partitions with the following Selections

EV_OPEN_PARTITION=Primary Vault Store

EV_OPEN_PARTITION=Journal Partition

EV_FINGERPRINT_DB=Default Upgrade Group

DBS with the following selections



Indexes with the following selections


Closed Partitions with the following Selections



And then a Windows backup of the EV Server with Local drives and system state

My question is, can I restore all of the above to 2 freshly built servers in parallel to my current installation without adverse effects ? When browsing the restore and selecting items for restore the section for "restoring everything to a different location (maintaining existing structure) is greyed out ? Does this mean I will need to arrange downtime of my current server, build two new identical servers and restore to those ?

Thanks for any help

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