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Restore System State SBS 2011

Created: 27 DEC 2012 | 3 comments


after a SAN-failure we have to restore a SBS 2011 from backup. We´ve got all Data, Exchange-DBs and the system state on tape, but i´m not able to restore the system state back into my newly installed SBS 2011. Because i don´t have a .dr-file, i have to restore everything manually. Is the recovery path the same like restoring a single Server 2008 R2 DC? When i Restore the system state in Directory Service Recovery Mode, BE recovers everything until 100% and shows then the error  0x2000fe07 - FS_NO_MORE Important thing is, that the SBS is running under VMWare.

Do you have any hints for me, please??



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el cuadro de los pkh

You did not indicate which version of BE you are using.  You can use this document as a guide.


el cuadro de los alphaGue

Oh, thats ricgt. We´re using Backup Exec 2012

el cuadro de los alphaGue

Thanks for the link but we do not have a disaster recovery information file (.DR). But i have System State and Data of all drives on Tape.....but i can´t find a whitepaper how to do the manual recover with SBS 2011 and Backup Exec 2012.