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Restore VM Hyper-V 2012

Created: 12 Agosto 2013 | 1 comentario
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Hello, another strange thing... We have backuped VM running on Windows Server 2012 with Hyper-V. All backup jobs are Succesfull. But it is impossible to recover any VM! Restore jobs create *.vhd file, but you do not have any permission to the file. Then BE tries recover *.vhd files, but unsucesfully. Error log says :

Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0x1d - The system cannot write to the specified device.
Final error category: Other Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-0-29

Restore- VRTSRV::\\hyperv01\Hyper-V?Virtual?Machine\xxxxx Error writing file data.

After job was failed on the file system on Hyper is *.vhd file with 0kb. You cannot delete it. You must change ownership, add permission and the you can delete it. We cannot find anything about this problem. Strange! Is it possible to recover VM which was succesfully backuped up by Symantec BackupExec 2012 SP2?!

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