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Retrieve Schedule from Tape

Created: 10 Febrero 2013 • Updated: 16 Febrero 2013 | 3 comments
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Good Morning-

Has anyone found a way to obtain the name of the schedule that has been written to a specific tape from CLI?

For example, bp????? -m LTO003:




Right now I am using the retention period ID to fill this void, but was hoping to steer closer to the actual schedule name.

Any thoughts?


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el cuadro de los RamNagalla

here you go..

bpimmedia -mediaid <mediaid> | grep -i image | awk '{print$7}'

can remove awk if you need more details about the scheule

bpimmedia -mediaid <mediaid> | grep -i image

el cuadro de los Possible

Use bpimmedia -mediaid <> -L |grep Sc

You will get results u want.

el cuadro de los JustN

Thanks for the help!

I was able to do this with "bpimmedia -mediaid <media id>" from inside of a Perl script. Works fantastic!