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Retrieving/Restoring archived items via Citrix using Safari or Chrome

Created: 02 Oct 2013 • Updated: 02 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
el cuadro de los E-MC2
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Morning all, 
Could you please advise me on the support of retrieving/restoring archived items via Citrix using Safari or Chrome. 
We have an office that mainly uses Apple Mac computers, and over time their mailboxes are reaching their limit. We do not want to enabled the users for archving as they may encounter problems when trying to retrieve/restore they items from their archive. 
Could anyone please suggest or advise me the best way to overcome this?
Operating Systems:

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el cuadro de los Rob.Wilcox

Via Citrix = yes.

Browser support is limited to mostly Internet Explorer.


Look at the compatibility charts for more information.

Why do you think they would encounter problems retrieveing items? There is an OSX Plugin for EV.

If you have Exchange 2013 and deploy the Office Mail App then other browsers can be used with that.