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In a SAN Backup Exec enviroment, do I need additional license key?

Created: 07 Agosto 2012 • Updated: 10 Agosto 2012 | 7 comments
el cuadro de los Rafael Emmi
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Hey all I have a question of Backup Exec 2012. I have a simple SAN environment where BE clients and the only one Media Server are connect via SAN. I have a tape library unit directly attached to the media server. My question is do I need additional license to do backup´s clients via SAN?

Thanks all for your replys,

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el cuadro de los pkh

In your environment, you do not need any more licence.

el cuadro de los cslater


Backup Exec 12.5 on Windows 2003R2

We have a EMC SAN with an attached Hp Storage Works Dual tape unit with 2 LTO4 Tape Drives.

The SAN is connected to the HP Storage Works via a Fiber Channel Brocade switch which is also connected to the Servers.

My Question is we only have a few remote client licenses and 1 Library license and a few open file license.

Do we need a License to back up the 30 terrabyte on the SAN and how many license come with a single library license for the Tape Drives.

Your Help Is very much Appreciated in Advance


el cuadro de los Kiran Bandi

do I need additional license to do backup´s clients via SAN?

What do you mean by via SAN?  You mean to say you have data in a storage array and clients can access data over SAN. And the data has to go to media server over SAN? I got this doubt as you said TL is directly connected to media server. 

Client's data will be passed to media server over LAN and will be written to TL from there.

el cuadro de los Karl Green

Backup Exec, out of the box, with only a standard media server license and standard clients will backup over the network.

If you are protecting physical machines then to enable SAN backups you have 2 choices:

1. buy the Enterprise Server Option (ESO) which includes the Advanced Disk Based Option (ADBO).  Check the HCL that your SAN hardware is supported for Offhost backups.

2. buy another media server license to install on the client.  This method gives the client (now a media server) direct access to both it's local resources as well as the tape library.  You will need an ESO license too in this scenario because you will need something to coordinate access between all media servers that now share the same library.

If you are protecting virtual machines in VMware then the license for VMware backups includes the ability to use SAN-transport.  Hyper-V does not include SAN-transport therefore back to either #1 or #2 above.


Karl Green karl_green@symantec.com

el cuadro de los Kiran Bandi

This method gives the client (now a media server) direct access to both it's local resources as well as the tape library.

But for that tape library needs to be connected over SAN (library must be FC), not a direct connection to any particular media server.

el cuadro de los Rafael Emmi

Thanks all for your replys.

There are four (4) servers attached to de SAN. All are running VMware ESX 4.0. If the server are protected with the agent of hyper-v or VMware i don´t need aditional license to use SAN-transport?

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That's right, VMware backups via SAN-transport are supported with the Agent for VMware & Hyper-V

Setup is discussed in a few threads... this example should get you started...