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sav linux 1.0.13-6 autoprotection on centos 4.4 32bit

Created: 08 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

hi .. hope some one can help

is this version sav 1.0.13-6 support autoprotection for centos 4.4 or i need 1.0.9 and below version , i try to compile the kernel from ap-kernel-1.0.13-6.tar.gz and #./build  --kernel-dir /lib/module/$(uname -r)/build  or just #./build , i get the on symev.o file . 

i install kernel-development group package.

thanks ..

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el cuadro de los Brɨan

I don't see centos as officially supported but have a look at this to see if can assist:


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el cuadro de los dmaltby

I'm not sure if 4.4 had the same issue, but there is an issue with 6.x kernel dev files where the nfsfh.h file is incomplete or truncated, compared to a generic Linux equivalent.

This link may help point you in the direction on what to keep in mind for building...