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SEP Virus Definition need download full size (250MB) if client offline > 15 days, is this true? How to minimize this?

Created: 11 Sept 2013 | 5 comments

We're told that "if the client has been offline more than 15 days, it will download a full SEP 12 Virus Definition file (approx. 250MB)", we have many clients rollout to remote sites, it will be big impact to network bandwidth if SEP cannot download just incremental size of file?

Have anyone had this same issue? Thanks greatly!

Regards, Xiaoqi

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el cuadro de los pete_4u2002

whats the content revision you keeping on SEPM?

if you keep more contents the delta will be generated, however delta keep on growing big if the client is running old definition.

el cuadro de los AjinBabu


How many content versions are keeping by your SEPM?

If you having any bandwidth limitations you can go ahead with a GUP solution, and there you can fine tune the parameters like bandwidth and others.




el cuadro de los SebastianZ

- "if the client has been offline more than 15 days, it will download a full SEP 12 Virus Definition file (approx. 250MB)"

This depends on how many definition revisions you are set up to store on SEPM - 15 days of updates would be 45 definitions - during this scope the SEPM can created delta definitions so that those clients do not require full defs. Client having defs older that those 45 revision stored on SEPM will require full.zip package.

If needed you can increase the amount of definitions kept on SEPM - keep in mind this action has its own consideriations - like free space available on SEPM

el cuadro de los cemilebaşak


On one of my customer we faced with similar enviorement.

I prefer to you use GUP on your remote sites. Only the GUP try to get update from SEPM and this is decrease your bandwith. And also aproximately 3 definitons released in a day this means for 15 day you need to keep at least 45 revision.

I hope this will help you.



Cemile Denerel BAŞAK

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