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Spam Quarantine Summary is not getting delivered

Created: 08 Abril 2013 • Updated: 08 Abril 2013 | 1 comentario


We have Novell Groupwise as our Email servers. We have just installed SMG and everything seems to be working fine, except that the Daily Spam Quarantine Reports are not getting delivered at all.

We configured it with Administrator option only, but no summary report is delivered to admin as per schedule.

We also configured it with are Active Directory server and also with our Email server settings. The test is successful while configuring the directory integration. Also the status of the Spam Report Summary task in the scheduled task of the notification is not showing any errors. But no Summary report is getting delivered to either Administrator or any users.

We want users to get the list of their spam quanrantine summary report on daily basis, without any authentication if possible.

There is nothing much in the logs as well.

Can someone guide on this error ?



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el cuadro de los TSE-JDavis

Administrator-only quarantine means that we will not send a notification email.

This is explained on page 306 of the SMG 10.0 Administration Guide:

When administrator-only access is enabled, you can still perform all the
administrator tasks available for sites with LDAP integration enabled. These tasks
include redelivering misidentified messages to local users, whether or not you
use an LDAP directory at your organization. However, notification of new spam
messages is disabled when administrator-only access is enabled.