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SSIM appliances update

Created: 01 Abril 2013 • Updated: 05 Abril 2013 | 4 comments
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Hello, friends! I need information about ssim update and impact of this process on the servers replication.

I use 3 SSIM servers v4.7.2 (correlation, collection1 and collection2) and I have set up replication between them. If i'll try to update my servers to the 4.7.4 version, it will not cause a replication crash ??? 

And the second question: Do I need update the off-box agents after SSIM appliances update? Or SSIM update process did not require any actions with off-box agents and they will work fine?

thanks for your the help....

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el cuadro de los olaf

No, normally the replication doesn't crash.

And no, there is no action required with the offbox agents.

el cuadro de los masta_blasta
Meanwhile, I asked tech. support specialist about this. And they tell me that i must first destroy the replication between SIM servers, make update the servers and then re-configure replication.
What you think about this?
el cuadro de los olaf

I don't know to what "support specialist" you talk to. But for updating from 4.7 MP2 to MP4 you don't have to break the replication. Did this "support specialist" give you any reference where this is documented?

Where in the installation guide does it say that you have to break the replication?

From the Installation Guide (page 37):

In case of an upgrade to an Information Manager setup having LDAP Replication
enabled, you must upgrade the Master LDAP server first followed by the replica

Of course you should take  backups of your machines before upgrading, like it is also mentioned in the Installation  Guide.

No mentioning of breaking the replication. I have done several installation of MP4 without breaking the replication without any problems. BTW, I'm a Technical Support Engineer.

Feel free to point this "support specialist" to this post.

el cuadro de los masta_blasta

OK! Thank you, olaf, for clarification. 

I will write these arguments to the "support specialist" of my case .