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Step By Step Guide to put data from SAN to Tape (BE 2010 R2)

Created: 15 Abril 2013 • Updated: 06 Junio 2013 | 2 comments
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Hello everyone,

Our backup was going from SAN to tape. we changed the tape last Friday; I just checked the tapes now and zero bytes was on tapes!!!

Does anyone know about this or why this happened?

How I can configure that from SAN goes to Tape since the system admin that was working on backup, is gone and i need to configure this now.

Thank you very much.

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It would work as follows:

1. Create policy/backup job;

2. Create selection list and assign to #1;

3. Choose tape as the destination.

So, open up your job/policy and make sure that under destination, that tape is selected. Also make sure that Windows sees the tape hardware and that BE sees this too...could be a reason for backups not working.


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