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Symantec Endpoint Manager 11 Disaster recovery.

Created: 01 Nov 2012 • Updated: 01 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

Hello Everyone,

I am fresh to this community and need your help.

I am getting ready to upgrade my SEPv11 to v12.1. Now I am reading the the Disaster Recovery document to prepare for the worst. I am a little confused by one of the steps:

If you have one domain only, find and copy the sylink.xml
file from a directory in \\Program Files\Symantec\
Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\data\outbox\agent\ .

I do infact have one domain. When I navigate to here I do not simply see one sylink.xml file. I see a bunch of folders that contain Sylink.xml files. After checking for the Domain encryption key within the Sylink.xml files I see they vary from folder to folder.

What I need to know is should I just go ahead and copy one of these or do I need all of them?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advanced,


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el cuadro de los Rafeeq

Those for each different group inside your SEPM.

for every group you will find one alpha numberic folder here.

Just take any sylink file.

This domin  is not an AD domain, its the domain what you create inside SEPM console

under admin tab.

el cuadro de los Simpson Homer

Why would you want to do Disaster Recovery, when you could directly upgrade?

Even if you need to do Disaster Recovery, how many clients do you have currently connected with the existing SEPM?

el cuadro de los Simpson Homer
Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.x: Best Practices for Disaster Recovery with the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager


el cuadro de los SameerU


You can directly upgrade to SEP 12.1 without any issues