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Symantec_CMDB_log growing out of control

Created: 21 Marzo 2013 | 3 comments

I'm having several problems but the primary issue I need to resolve is the log file is enourmous and I can't get it to shrink or adjust maximum size.  I've inherited this issue with new job so I'm new to this.  any help would be greatly appreciated, then I'll post a couple of log entries I need assistance with.  The log file is currently 172gig and taking up all hard drive space. 

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Start here:

"How to determine the SQL Server database table sizes"


"How do I determine what the database table sizes are per solution?"


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How to change the size of the Log Files for Altiris Logging: HOWTO10600

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The problem you are facing is most probably wrongly set recovery model on DB.

You need to change from FULL to SIMPLE ... you'll find it in DB properties via MSSQL management studio.