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Symatic Systen Recovery Error EX8F1787 Code

Created: 18 Mayo 2013 | 5 comments

Here's what I got.

Error EC8F1787: Cannot Create Recovery Points for job: SP1-1.

Error EF3000E. Snapshot failure while using Volume Shadow Copy Service. Please check application event log for VSS Errors.

Error Code: Endcreate Snapshotset (-2147212302), (UMl: V-281-3215-6071)


Source: Symantic System Recovery

Can anyone help here?

Operating Systems:

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el cuadro de los DStain

Try a "One Time Backup" from the "Tasks" tab, this is a simple manual backup without any complicated settings.


el cuadro de los Harley51

I did an auto backup again with no problem. Then I did a manual backup with the same error. Then I rebooted because the error kept coming back and did a manual backup with no problem. Do you know what going on here?

el cuadro de los DStain

On the Ghost forum we can easily post a pic of disk management, I am not used to this forum but if you can it would be helpful to post a pic of your disk management.

I would be inclined to un-install SSR, with the Norton removal tool (beware it will take out other Norton products).

Disable any other software you have installed that may affect SSR

Make sure that the primary drive has no what I call  "complicated" partitions and re- install SSR and only run "One Time Backups" to start with.You should also tick the box "show hidden files and folders" highlight and backup those hidden drives.

That action should determine that no other software is interfering with backing up the pc. As we all know fault finding is a process of elimination, if it gets any more technical than that I am afraid I am at a loss.

There's a few pointers to be going on with anyway.


el cuadro de los Harley51

This is not an option as to having to many Norton products on my machine. It fails randomly whether it's Auto or manual backups. This also happens on another machines. This seems to be a problem with SSR 2013. I previously Had Norton Ghost 15 and never saw this problem. Any other Ideas.

el cuadro de los DStain

In that case then it needs logging as an incident report. perhaps one of the Symantec employees will pick this up.