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Synamatec removal

Created: 26 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

I just recently took over this business and trying to remove an old synmatec corporate edition antivirus off my computer and instal a new anti virus program.  In order to do that it tells me I need a removal password in order to remove program off.  The problem is that the person who installed the program is no longer around.  It won't let me instal the new program until I remove the old program.  What do I do?

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el cuadro de los greg12

What's the exact product you want to remove?

If it's the venerable Symantec Antivirus, try "symantec". IIRC it was the default uninstall password.

If you have SEP 11 or SEP 12.1 and if you have access to the SEPM console, just disable "password to uninstall the client":

    Clients > [Group] > Policies > General Settings > Security settings

If you don't have access to the console, have a look at these threads:



el cuadro de los patriot3w

try use cleanwipe