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Two Media Servers - One Tape Library

Created: 12 Oct 2012 • Updated: 05 Enero 2013 | 4 comments
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Hi All,
Background information:
Server1: Master Server and Media Server
Server2: Media Server and Client
Server1 and Server2 both have fiber connectivity to Tape Library.
Both servers have RHEL 6.2 and NetBackup Enterprise 7.1.
I am not able to set up the Master Server to communicate with the clients with FT. This is because the closest driver in /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/driver is ql2300_stub.ko.2.6.18-194.el5 which will not work with my QLE2560 card and 2.6.32-220.el6.x86_64 kernel.
What I want to set up:
Server2 to use it's own Media Server's path to the Tape library when doing backups from it's own client.
All other clients to use Server1's Media Server path to that same Tape libary.
This way I can utilize the speed of the HBA I have set up on Server2 without the requirement the FT on the Master Server.
Would this type of setup be possible? 
Right now I have both Media Servers seeing the Robot, but it is only enabled on Server1, cant enable it for the other Media Server.

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el cuadro de los CY


I don't see why not.

One thing needs to be clarified - you only need one NBU server to be the robotic control host. You don't need both servers as the robotic control hosts for one single library/robot - that would be troublesome.

Usually, you can zone both servers' HBA to the library (or tape drives if they are native FC), and use the library's LUN masking tool to assign the robotic control to certain host as well as to assign different tape drives to different hosts (unless you want to use SSO).

Once that's done, when you scan hardware on your NBU Linux servers, you should be able to see the server that has the robotic control should have the "changer" (/dev/sg*) as well as the tape drives (/dev/nst*) while the other server only as tape drives (/dev/nst*).

Once the OS can see the these new hardware (the device/special files were created), you can proceed with the logical robot and drives configuration in NBU, and following with the storage unit, etc.

** Side note - for the FT Media server part, I think you should get new driver for 2.6.32 kernel when you patch NBU. At least I have the ql2300_stub and windrvr6.ko driver for 2.6.32 kernel on my Linux server. Sorry, I skipped 7.1 so I don't know if has the new driver. **

el cuadro de los Nicolai

Only one media server can have robot control. Other media server may use additional tape drives in the same robot. However robot control for those media servers will be "Robott control is handled by remote host". Remote host is the media server connected to the robot interface.

See The Netbackup 7.5 Manual Page 254


SAN Client: Support for different kernel versions on Linux Fibre Transport Media servers


Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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el cuadro de los Yogesh9881

Hi Ncart,

I need few more info .....

Server1: Master Server and Media Server
Server2: Media Server and Client
Which Server is Playing role for FT ?? Server1 or Server2 ...?

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