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Unable to release by mail a Quarantined item in SMSMSE 6.5

Created: 23 Enero 2013 | 1 comentario
el cuadro de los chris48

I am trying to release by mail some emails that were quarantined as they were unscannable.  When I try to release them I get a Quarantine error stating:

There was an error with the following item(s)

SYQ13acc2e01: c0090081

(this error comes from trying to release one at a time, if I select more than one the other items are also listed below with the same c0090081 error)

I would like any advice on how to release them successfully and also if anyone knows what documents are deemed unscannable so I can advise our user to change their process in order to avoid these being quarantined.  The files are a set of 4 zip files which have been split using winzip and contain embedded objects within a Word doc - they are essentially forms which have been completed and contain various objects including drop down menus and possibly macros.

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el cuadro de los A.Simeoni

This should sort your issue:

Unable to release email from the quarantine


Please have a look at the following as well:

Email Released from Quarantine With 'Release by mail' is Quarantined Again