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Virtual composer - streaming events - Additional documentation, Examples

Created: 26 Sept 2012 | 2 comments

As a streaming newbie I am looking for help with streaming events.  I have a need to check active directory group membership as a PreExecution event.  I have a vbs script to check it but I am not seeing how to incorporate it.


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You can set the .vbs script directly as the script to be executed if it is ready to write out the scriptresult file needed by streaming events.  Otherwise just create a small batch file that calls wscript on your .vbs and then echo's a status to the scriptresult result file based on the success of the .vbs script.  Then add that batch file as a pre-execution script to the package, and add the .vbs script as a "data" script to the package - a script event that won't be executed directly but is used by other scripts.

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Just curious, why do you want to check for AD user group membership thru' execution scripts if you are using streaming. Streaming infrastructure gives you an option to configure with Active Directory and use your AD users groups to provision application appropriately. If the end point is configured to use windows login, then only the provisioned apps are visible to the currently logged on user.

If you are checking membership for some other reason, I would appreciate if you could share it.