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el cuadro de los Jaydeep S

Have you tried rebooting the server on which you performed the upgrade.

el cuadro de los kforfa

Our weekly full job ran this weekend with the same results....the job completed successfully except for the SEP files.  Anyone have any idea how I can get a clean SystemState backup?

el cuadro de los Colin Weaver

Unfortunately this is probably another manifestation of a regular issue coverd in





Mind you I am not sure why creating a dummy file has not resolved it, however somewhere in the registry is likely to be references to

c:\program files (x86)\common files\symantec shared\eengine\eectrl64.sys

Although you may need to either post on the SEP forum, OR log a support case against SEP to find out where in the registry the problem lies. Please be aware that if you try to find this yourself, then editing the registry is at your own risk and we would recommend you export the registy (or at least that area of the registry) before you make any changes.