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Windows central log collection by SSIM

Created: 10 Oct 2012 | 8 comments


is it possible to collect windows logs on a windows central server.

if we install and configure ssim on that windows central server will ssim manager be able to collect logs from all the servers.

will the logs be segregated based on the server name / ip address.

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el cuadro de los Avkash K

Yes, it is possible to configure the single windows server to fetch the logs from other servers.

You need to install Agent & collector on single server & that server wil remotly fetch the logs from other server.

In the logs you can differentiate the logs for all servers from collection device IP field which will be diff for servers.

Please refer below links.



Avkash K

el cuadro de los Ashif.a

thanks for the info. Which version of SIM does it support this. Is it supported on SSIM 4.3,4.6?



el cuadro de los Avkash K

this all details which i have shared is tested for 4.7.3.


Avkash K

el cuadro de los P4Amdik19

Dear Ashif.a

The Integration strategies will be the same for all SSIM versions..

Thanks & Regards

Pratik Mahadik

el cuadro de los sviridov

see Microsoft_Vista_and_Win_2008_Svr_v4.4.11_MSVista_MSWIN2k8Svr_EN

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el cuadro de los Ronaldo.Santos

But this manual don,t explain collector central.

Do you need install agent and collector for each windows?

can you centralize in a Windows server 2008, for catch logs more windows server?

el cuadro de los lukaszfr

Most of available event collectors is able to gather logs remotely, but you must remember about Symantec's recommendation described in this KB article: http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH89865

Moreover, single SSIM appliance cannot handle thousands encrypted connections from remote Agents so if somebody is planning to deploy SSIM architecture with several hundreds of Agents then he/she should revise it immediately...
KB: http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH132954

Regarding the question - Yes, Windows Vista & Windows 2008 Event Collector is able to collect events remotely, so it's possible to setup single off-box Agent with this collector and configure up to 35 its instances called sensors. It's possible to configure more sensors per single Agent but 30/35 is the recommended number.
There are several KB articles with guidelines how to do it in different scenarios...