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Windows Event IDs for successful backup?

Created: 08 Junio 2013 • Updated: 07 Julio 2013 | 4 comments
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I want to monitor the event log for successful backup.  Is there a list of possible event IDs and event sources that are used rather than just guessing based on what I happen to see at the moment?


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el cuadro de los pkh

I have not seen a list of event id's generated by BE.  Furthermore, BE does not generate an event if the backup is successful.  Events are generated in cases of job failures.

In case you are not aware, you can ask BE to sent you e-mail notifications of alerts and the status of a job when it completes.

el cuadro de los Solution4all

You can configure Alerts to log a event for sucessfull backup. By default Backup Exec logs events for failed backup.

el cuadro de los srinivas_medida

For that you have to enable an alert category.

Go to Alerts and notification option – Alert categories – select Alert category - job success – enable alerts for job success – check the option Record event in the Windows Event log (Event ID 34112).

Depend upon your requirement you can enable alert category that you required.  You get the event id list over there.

Below are the few event ids.

58058    : B2D Device is out of free space.

58061    : Insert overwritable media in drive.

34114    : Job was canceled by user AutoAbort

57622    : No mover was available to close out the last backup set.

58064    : Please insert overwritable media in Robotic Library using import command.

57755    : Backup completed with exceptions.

57743    : Backup job completed successfully.

58063    : Remove media from Drive.

57796    : Backup Exec Server Service started.

57797    : Backup Exec Server Service stopped.

34113    : The backup job failed

34112    : Bacvkup job successful.

34114    : Exchange backup (Info. Store) completed.

33152    : Tape Drive Errors(Tape; Media issues)

7031       : Backup Agent lost(SySTEM)

el cuadro de los DNeb

@srinivas_medida, thanks for the information.  What event source did you get those from?