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Windows Server 2012 Support??

Created: 05 DEC 2012 • Updated: 06 DEC 2012 | 5 comments
Se ha solucionado este problema. Vea la solución.

I have several 2012 servers deployed. When will BackupExec support server 2012???

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el cuadro de los Kiran Bandi

No announcements about that yet...

I believe next major release of both BE and NBU might include support for Windows server 2012. 


el cuadro de los Andy-29

Major Release?? Approximately when that would be??

el cuadro de los Backup_Exec
Would recommend to subscribe to this KB - http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?pag...
This way, you would be duly notified of the update.


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el cuadro de los Drew Meyer

Watch the Backup Exec blog for news on a support date for Windows Server 2012 in the next few weeks.

Director of Marketing, NetBackup