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Changes on badges...

Created: 16 Abril 2010 | 3 comments
el cuadro de los Kit Fisto
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I really enjoyed the whole event, but I would suggest two things about badges:
1. Company name is also important. I know there are some companies with large names, but I would like to have the company name printed bigger, so we can easily identify them.

2. Knowing where are you from. Altough we already known some peers and partners, I think would be very useful to have our country flag (full color, of course) and/or country name of the attendee printed on the badge. I think is a quick way to identify some conational peers or even regional ones. I guess it could help to make easier to know new people.

Great job Symantec !!!

Thank you very much !

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el cuadro de los adude

Greate suggestions Kit. I would also like to see your Connect "Username" and what User Group you participate in.

Andres Ochoa

Altiris Certifed Engineer Client Management Suite 7.1

Symantec Certified Specialist CMS AMS 7.5 SP1 HF2

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el cuadro de los MBHarmon

I was thinking about that myself as well.  I nearly put mine on there with my avatar picture for recognition purposes.  Maybe I'll prep something like that for next year.

- Matt

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el cuadro de los silverfrog

Hello everyone,

I really agree with your suggestions. I got info about the Symantec Events from the website and from Youtube. Its great how good and friendly teams you have guys. I am going to India this summer and I decided it would be great to visit Symantec India annual event. I hope it's gonna be real fun.

Best regards!

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