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Holding Quarantine Mail with Stripped Attachment

Created: 21 Febrero 2013 | 3 comments
el cuadro de los AlperGunay
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Hello Everyone,

Lets assume that the scenario:

1. Email has an attachment.

2. The attachment is in the attachment list.

3. SMG holds the email in quarantine with the attachment.

4. SMG strips the attachment from the email and sends the email to the end user for review.

5. The end user will request the email be released from quarantine after reviewing the stripped email.

SMG does not support above scenario right now. I believe Symantec can do it. SMG has powerful function.

Users can be easier access for their e-mails in the quarantine and release them easily.

Alper Günay

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el cuadro de los jellsworth

I agree.  This would make retrieving the emails easier.

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el cuadro de los Cricket17

You can't trust end users to know what is safe. That's why you have policy on the SWG.  If the user needs the file it should be escalated to support or delivered another way.

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el cuadro de los AlperGunay

Recovery e-mails of end users can be optional. Admin is able to choose which one is useful for their environment. I m waiting a new feature that I mentioned above from Symantec.

I hope it comes.

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