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Mail Security for Exchange

Created: 15 Enero 2013 | 1 comentario
el cuadro de los aniz
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In Mail Security for Exchange product, if the mail is quarantined then it is not possible to release the email to "cc" and "bcc" email addresses. Symantec technical support engineer confirmed that this is by design.

This is not an acceptable design where people who are in cc or bcc address box will not recieve the released quarantine email.

We request to have this feature in Mail Security for Exchange. Atleast if it is possible to manually check the cc and bcc email address and then add in the alternate email address field of release quarantined mail.

Please add the feature as soon as possible.


Aniz Mohammed

Future Technology Systems,


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el cuadro de los dingle5475

I had this happen to me the other day. I was CC'd in and received a notification that a message was quarantined but when released the email only goes to the people in the "To" field. You can't see who is CC'd into the email until it gets released. Luckily I am also the admin address so I could release it to that.

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