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Please add Spanish Language for SBG

Created: 23 Julio 2009 • Updated: 04 Enero 2013 | 4 comments
el cuadro de los dnslammers
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 We have several customers in Mexico and would like to implement SBG with end user console's in Spanish for them.

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el cuadro de los Ian McShane

Hi there,

Which parts, specifically, are you asking to be translated to Spanish?
The whole UI or just specific UI areas?  The documentation and help should already be available in Spanish, I believe.

It would be useful to know which parts are more important than others because, if we are unable to perform a whole translation at once, we could concentrate on areas that are of importance.



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el cuadro de los Begoña Carrasco

Hi Ian,
One of our customers in Spain, would be interested in having the Quarantine screens in Spanish.
I send you by email the images.
Please let me know if you need any further info.
Thank you and kind Regards,

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el cuadro de los akottas

This will be added in our upcoming 9.5 release.

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el cuadro de los Amanda Grady

This was added in the Symantec Messaging Gateaway 9.5 release.

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