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Created: 31 DEC 2012 • Updated: 03 Enero 2013 | 1 comentario
el cuadro de los Steve Moede
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Considering that Symantec Endpoint Protection Management Console has restrictions on the level of Java that it will work in, I would like to suggest that Symantec look into a installer that will install the management console with a private copy of the JAVA runtime environment.  This will ensure maximum compatibility with your solution and not request that your customers maintain multiple versions of the JRE on their windows platforms.

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el cuadro de los Paul Murgatroyd

Thanks Steve,

This is an interesting idea, since we already do something very similar for SEPM itself.  Rather than providing a java webstart console, we could potentially bundle a full console installation with private java.

Paul Murgatroyd
Principal Product Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection
Endpoint twitter feed: http://twitter.com/symc_endpoint

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