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SEPM User Administration

Created: 25 Abril 2013 | 1 comentario
el cuadro de los mhrycyshyn
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The current user administration option is unusable when dealing with a large implementation with multiple folders. Having to click through each folder to set the permissions is very time consuming when using drop downs.

It would be extremly helpful if the following options were available:

  1. Allow cloning of an existing account to create new users
  2. Change the way to select permissions per folder as radio buttons, or check boxes, instead of drop downs, and allow for tabing between folders instead of requiring a mouse to move between folders
  3. Change the default setting to "No Access" instead of "Full Access" OR Allow admin to change all folders to one of the options through a single click

This would drastically speed up setup time for new users in larger environments.

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el cuadro de los sep_tx

Very much agree, would love to see a better method of implementing various user roles, and cloning of existing account settings.

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