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VAC improvements

Created: 06 Sept 2012 • Updated: 02 Oct 2012 | 6 comments
el cuadro de los GTK
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Can i suggest the following recommendations for the VAC:

1 - Alerts for when a vault store is approaching the recommended limit of 100 million items

2 - Make it easier to delete archives. Currently you have to delete 1 at a time, this is time consuming. Also checking whether an archive has been deleted is a chore when having to trawl through event logs, can this be made easier ?

3 - When you update / repair / rebuild and index volume the status always displays "REBUILDING", can it not say UPDATING / REPAIRING if this is what it is actually doing ? this can cause confusion if it is actually updating rather than rebuilding



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el cuadro de los Nups

I see your thoughts insync with the following idea where the alerts can be incorportated:


Thanks and Regards, Backup Exec, BESR, Enterprise Vault

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el cuadro de los Andy Nash

I've added a suggestion for the vault store database limit check... its ID is 634065.

Multiple delete via the VAC has an existing ID... 418253.

For the Index rebuilding idea, which verison of EV are you using... I though EV 10 listed teh correct status?



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el cuadro de los Jeff Shotton


If implemented, can i ask that you make the limit a configurable item - 100 million items is not really a very large vault store nowadays, and any solution should really grow with hardware capability.



Jeff Shotton

Principal Consultant

Adept-tec Ltd

Website: here

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el cuadro de los Toli Papa

Hi there,

Just a note from the EV SQL best practice guide for v10 of EV:

"In general, we recommend that a vault store does not contain more than 250 million items."

It has gone up since version 9 which had the 100 million item best practice limit.

That having said, i agree that it is a manual process for checking the status of a VS and how many items it has... forecasting is one thing, but reality has surprises sometimes!



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el cuadro de los GTK


we are on EV8 sp5, i am not aware if EV10 has addressed the index rebuilding status issue - can you confirm this please?



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el cuadro de los GTK

Hi Symantec

any updates to the below ?

ID - 634065 - VS DB limit check

ID -  418253 - Multiple delete via the VAC 

these 2 additions would make it easier for EV Admins in large global orgs to administer EV more efficiently. We have literally thousands of redundant archives taking up valuable storage space which we would like back. I cant believe that we are at 10.0.4 with no ability for multiple deletes??

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