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Restore option greyed out after a VMware Backup completes sucessfully

Created: 22 Junio 2012 | 4 comments
el cuadro de los Colin Weaver
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¡Yo también!Tengo el mismo problema.
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After completing a Virtual Agent (VMware AVVI) backup of a virtual machine (VM), with File System Granular Recovery (GRT) enabled, using Backup Exec 2012, the VM should be listed in the Backup and Restore section of the Administration Console. Selecting this entry should result in the restore option being available allowing you to perform GRT restores of individual files within the VM. Symantec have received reports that some customers find that the restore option remains unselectable (greyed out)

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el cuadro de los meday

The Restoring option  is greyed out after a VMware Backup completes successful.and not able to take the Restore.

Backup works correctly when the Configuration of Symantec Server(Backup Server) and Client(Remote client  VM) by installing Symantec Client software on backup VM and provided the details of Master Server(Backup Host) during installation.

Please let me know how to make work of Symantec Restore? Could you please send the clear steps?

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el cuadro de los Support_team

Is this still a known issue?

The workaround resolves this but is it being addressed?

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el cuadro de los ProductPro

I have experienced this as well. My VM Backups with GRT completed with no errors but was unable to restore any GRT data.

My workaround to this defect was to create a very small selection and run a backup using the Remote Agent. Once completed, all previous VM backups with GRT became available. The restore button is now available and restores work fine.


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