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Altiris 7.5 Series

Created: 22 Oct 2013 | 10 comments
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Krunal Solanki's picture


I am working on a Altiris project.

The customer has approx 10000 clients with approx. 25 site servers in 5-7 locations in india and has a single machine for ITMS & CMDB.

He want an upgrade to 7.5 from 7.1 SP2.

What hardware configuration should the customer require??

Can we back-up CMDB of the old 7.1 SP2 version in 7.5??

Can we move CMDB from old location to a new one..??

What other pre-requisites do we need to check before migrating??

Help me asap.

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rafaelfontana's picture

Hi Krunal,

All of your requests can be found in Altiris 7.5 Implementation Guide,

But I would recommend snapshots of your virtual machines, copy of your reports, backing up CMDB using SQL Studio (not by Altiris console like you mentioned).

When you upgrade Altiris 7.1 to 7.5, SIM is gonna make changes on your database so, I would really recommend that you try test upgrading on a prep environment and then proceeding to production.

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JoeVan's picture


The upgrade from 7.1 to 7.5 is an in-place upgrade.  It does not require you to replace hardware or the database assuming your 7.1 enviornment is sized properly and performance is adaquiate.  Note: There is a new feature with 7.5 called cloud enabled management which allows managing clients in the cloud.  If you desire this feature, this does require additional hardware to act as an Internet gateway. 

That said, there is a significant amount of planning and testing needed before you do this upgrade.  For a company this size, I strongly recommend using a separate DEV system on which you can perform the upgrade first to test out your process end to end. 

Once you have been though the official documentation (above), you may want to check out this presentation / checklist created by by Rick Barnes at ITS for doing this upgrade.

Joe VanHollebeke
Systems Engineer

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Krunal Solanki's picture

Thnx for the reply..

JoeVan - I know its an inplace upgrade, but the thing is that the customer wants us to install it on a new hardware so that if number of clients are increased then it should withstand the environment.

So for this, how should i proceed for the migration.

Currently the customer has got working everything in 7.1SP2, But for the new hardware how to proceed??

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fabian.szalatnay's picture

Clone the ITMS 7.1 SQL Database and install the new ITMS 7.5 Server "over" the cloned 7.1 Database.
But then you have to move/adjust your software library manually (and migrate clients).

After that, you have two independent systems. 7.1 and 7.5 with the same data.

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rafaelfontana's picture

As fabian mentioned, you just got to backup your production CMDB and then restore it on a SQL Server. Then on SIM, you get your Altiris 7.5 install files downloaded and proceed with install on the new hardware.

There'll be a step where you mention the database for CMDB, if you wanna use or create a new one. In this step just put your CMDB and there you go. SIM is gonna make an upgrade on your 7.1 CMDB and have everything set up to the new version.

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Krunal Solanki's picture

Thnx rafael & fabian.

But can you suggest me some hardware for this.

Currently the ITMS 7.1 SP2 i running on 16GB RAM, Xeon processor with 2008 R2 as base OS.

So for 10000 clients, is this hardware enough & also for the ITMS 7.5.

So can you tell me the best hardware configuration for running ITMS 7.5 with 10000 client running fruuitfully.

Moreover, CMDB is on different machine, so only path need to be given for the upgrade or we need to take the back up of it.

And for this upgrade process, do i need to uninstall clients from the environment or they also will be updated as ITMS 7.5 will be install.???

And what about the licenses..??

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rafaelfontana's picture

Well, for my experience that's hard to tell. Of course, I follow Symantec's recommendation, but some companies that I worked were not willing to comply with the hardware requisites because of budget issues. Just so you can understand, I've got CMS 7.1 SP2 running on a W2008 R2, Xeon, 8GB RAM, physical hardware, managing almost 3000 endpoints. CMDB is running on a different server, with similar hardware. Yeah, I've got my daily bottlenecks, but the ones I dealt with were manageable, such as configuring Full Inventory policy throttling to send data back to Altiris Server in a period of 4 hours.

The catch is that I have my own hardware for that, so if you're using a VM, you gotta be careful with the hardware reservation part of creating it, specially for SQL Server.

In Altiris 7.5 Implementation Guide, you can find these at page 58:

SQL Server


Altiris Server


When you're upgrading, you just need to inform the path of your production CMDB just make sure your old Altiris Server is not using it or making any changes on it.

Do you intend to keep the same name of your old server on the new one? Or it's changing as well? If you keep the same name, the clients will continue responding as Altiris 7.5 upgrade finishes, and then you configure an upgrade policy for the agents on the new console.

If you change the name, well, you need to be careful with that. First off, I'd recommend you to keep both servers working, so upgrade you're going to do on a copy of your CMDB (you can configure both CMDBs on the same SQL Server, but be careful). Then, on your old console, change the URL path of your Notification Server on the Targeted Agent Settings policy of your clients, and just change to the URL of your new server.

For your licenses, you need a help with your commercial team. The licenses configured on SIM will not change, they'll be there, but there are different licenses, some work on upgrade, some don't comply with that. That's the boring part of this whole process of upgrade thing.

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rafaelfontana's picture

Just forgot to tell you again. Take a look at the Implementation Guide, it will open your mind on some subjects.

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Krunal Solanki's picture

Hey rafael thnx...

I have read this PDF but the thing is that the configuration which it is suggesting is being used by ITMS 7.1SP2 managing 5000 clients, But there are many problems related to compliance and some day to day activity.

NS & SQL are both on different server, but the thing is that SQL server is having one or two different application running on same instance. So, i am stuck up that we should use another server for CMDB or the same one or go for On-box upgradation.

No, Actually we dont want to change the name of the CMDB, but the problem is that some of the machines which are not in use right now(SCRAP) is also showing, and if i delete it i am not able to re-gain the license. (on ITMS 7.1 SP2).

So, can you suggest me that should i go with a new CMDB or should i use the old one..??

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