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0x2000040d - S_TF_NO_TAPE_PRESENT

Created: 09 Nov 2013 | 4 comments


All my backups are to the Deduplication Disk Storage. I am using Backup Exec 2012. The Storage server type is a DataDomain. I am getting two different errors on all my backups. 

Error: 200040d - S_TF_NO_TAPE_PRESENT

Error: 0xe00084f4 - An unknown error has occured

What am I not doing right? Please need your expert support.

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1) Are you using the DD as an OST device or did you create a dedup folder on the DD?

2) It is probable that the dedup folder is full.  If you have create a dedup folder on the DD, then use the procedure in this document to free up some space.

How to force a garbage collection of the deduplication folder

3) If you have not upgraded to SP2, run LiveUpdate a couple of times to upgrade to SP2 and the latest hotfixes.  After the upgrade, push out the remote agent again to your remote servers.

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Hi pkh,

Thank you for responding. We are using DD as an OST device. I will act upon on your 3rd option for upgrading with LiveUpdate because we haven't run updates as far as I can remember.

Where can go to run LiveUpdates?

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You can run LU from the Control Panel.

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If SP2 was already present, you may be facing this known issue -