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0xa00084ca - The data being read from the media is inconsistent

Created: 04 Jan 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 6 comments
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Does anyone have any information on this error? 0xa00084ca - The data beingread from the media is inconsistent. Thanks.

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wrote:>>Does anyone have any information on this error? 0xa00084ca - The data being>read from the media is inconsistent. Thanks.have you cleaned you drive and used new tapes?

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I get it occassionally on a duplicate backup to disk operation. What is upwith this?"Brian" wrote in messagenews:41db2ed2@ROSASTDMZ05....>> "Chris"
wrote:> >> >Does anyone have any information on this error? 0xa00084ca - The databeing> >read from the media is inconsistent. Thanks.>> have you cleaned you drive and used new tapes?

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I am getting this same message, but I am getting ti while backing up to disk not tape. Any suggestions?

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From the list given below please check if your device is listed in the HCL. if its tested then install latest veritas drivers
(title)Backup Exec 9.x for Windows Servers Standalone Drives Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

(title)Backup Exec 9.x for Windows Servers Robotic Library Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) (includes tested drives)

(title) VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) 9.1 - Device Driver Installer (20050115) - Includes Tape Driver Release (20041231) and Robotic Library Release (45) (Intel Only)

if you are getting the error while cataloging the media follow the steps below

1Stop all Backup Exec services.
2 Rename the catalogs folder to catalogs.old
3 In Backup Exec go to tools options > Catalogs and uncheck the option use storage media based catalogs.
4 Start all services.
5 catalog and verify results.

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Hi Guys
This message has two causes in V10 as far as I can tell and Veritas needs to URGENTLY fix both of them.

1) If your backup is going to disk:
The message and action is totally inappropriate and confusing.

Veritas need to alter the message to say:
"You have reached the default limit of 100 backup jobs going to the default folders. We have erased the earliest backup job and will start auto-recycling these job numbers to ensure that the more recent backup jobs do not fail.

However, you may also wish to increase the limit under the configuration options. Please note that the default limit of 100 is the combined total if you have multiple backup-to-disk folders".

However, Veritas also need to alter the V10 program to auto-recycle when the limit is reached.

In the meantime, increase the limit whilst waiting for this patch.

2) If you are backing up to tape.
In this case, the message then really means:,

" Whoops! we have a new bug - unlike V9, if you are writting to tape, you may only opt to 'Overwrite Media' - the other two options - 'Add to appendable media before overwriting scratch media etc' and the other similar one do not work correctly - again, perhaps not appearing as an issue until the tape has been fully used".

Veritas also need to sort this bug out.

The fact that V9 had all three working suggests that Veritas has introduced a bug in V10 and is unable to see and read the end of appendable data marker and start recycling tapes and that needs to be fixed.

Alternatively, as a poor second choice, Veritas could gray out these two options leaving only "Overwrite Media", if the destination is to a tape unit.

In the meantime, whilst waiting for a patch, alter your tape backup jobs to "Overwrite" and be happy that at least each tape can hold one (and only one) backup job in future.

p.s. I see there are lot of sites with these issues unresolved, so please pester Veritas to fix these two.

Don Pincott