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0xe00084b8 error (.nsf files are skipped) during backup with Backup Exec 2012

Created: 08 Feb 2013 • Updated: 11 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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I need your help/ideas with the resolution of that problem:

- Backup Exec 2012 sp1 + all available hotfixes (189571, 180964, 194470, 199866, 200433)
- Lotus Domino 8.5.3

All backup jobs fails with the following error:
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe00084b8 - An error occurred during backup. See the job log for details.

Backup- <Domino-server>|<drive>:
The item <Domino-server>|<drive>:\lndata\mail\<DB-name>.nsf in use - skipped.

and so for many more DBs.

I have found som errors in debug files, but still don't know what is the real cause of the issue. Maybe you can help

In <Domino-server>-Inapi0.job-00.log:
[5432] 2013-02-06T17:54:45.736 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: NotesInitExtended =C:\Lotus\Domino\NOTES.INI
[5432] 2013-02-06T17:54:45.736 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: In ProcessCall 2
[5432] 2013-02-06T17:54:45.736 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: NotesInitThread Call
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:02:23.620 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: In ProcessCall 8
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:02:23.620 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: NSFGetTransLogStyle Call.
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:02:23.651 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: NSfGetTransLogStyle returned 5119
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:02:23.651 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: In ProcessCall 6
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:02:23.651 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: OSGetEnvironmentString Call.
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: In ProcessCall 10
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: NSFDbOpen Call. <drive>:\lndata\mail\<DB-name>.nsf
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: OSGetDataDirectory Call.
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: NotesOsGetDataDirectory returned 9
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: NSFDbOpen Return 525. Handle - 0
[6028] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: In ProcessCall 7
[6028] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: OSLoadString Call.
[6028] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.559 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: OSLoadString returned 207
[5432] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.559 [fsys\notes2]        - LNAPI 0: In ProcessCall 10

And in <Domino-server>-beremote.log:
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent: NSFDbOpen Call. <drive>:\lndata\mail\<DB-name>.nsf
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent: Calling API on a different thread
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent: Starting to wait on thread id 3472
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent: NSFDbOpen Return 525. Handle - 0
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.544 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent: OSLoadString Call.
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.559 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent: Partitio[0] - CLNWrapper::DbOpen - ERROR!!! This database is currently in use by another person or process, and cannot be accessed at this time.  In order to share a Notes database, it must be accessed via a Domino Server by all users of the database.
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.559 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent:CLNPartition::OpenLNDatabase - Exiting[-536836936]
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.559 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent:CLNFileSystem::OpenObj[<DB-name>.nsf] - Exiting[-536836936]
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.559 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent:CLNFileSystem::GetOSName
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.559 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent:CLNFileSystem::GetOSName
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.559 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent:CLNFileSystem::GetOSName
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.559 [fsys\notes2]        - Notes Agent:CLNFileSystem::GetOSName
[5172] 2013-02-06T18:04:10.559 [ndmp\loops]         - LP_ENV::MsgError: error 0xe00084b8 processing object lndata\mail\<DB-name>.nsf

I run also "dbcache show" command to check what processes are using the DBs, but it shows only the path for the databases.

DBs are in use, but does it mean that in order to backup them I need to close every database and only then run a backup job?

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Unless you have the Lotus Notes agent installed, you're going to be unable to backup the flat files. BE has Active File Exclusion built into it which automatically skips certain files.

Either license Lotus Notes (if you haven't got it), or you have to stop the LN application, reconfigure AFE and backup the flat files. Once this completes, you will have to script a start-up of the application!


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the customer has Lotus Notes agent installed. I was able to kind of reproduce the problem in the test environment - once the Lotus Notes is opened (can be empty), backup of Domino DBs is failing with the identic errors. If I close Lotus Notes, backup is running fine

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...turn on Advanced Open File Option and see if this makes an impact. Otherwise uninstall/reinstall the LN agent, and create a stand-alone job and selection list. Run the backup and see if this fixes anything. If it does, just revert to the newly created selection list and backup job.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

pkh's picture

There are a couple of things to check when .nsf files are being skipped.

1) make sure that there are no Domino housekeeping jobs, like compacting or fixing databases, running during the backup.

2) the .nsf files are corrupt.  You would need to fix them before you can back them up.

w-d's picture

1) I think there are no domino jobs - because this error happens at every attempt of running a backup. But I will double check it with the customer

2) if they would be corrupted, I think the databases wouldn't run correctly.

As I wrote above, I was able to kind of reproduce the issue with the clean, test environment.

I don't find clear answer if the only possible way to backup of Domino databases is to close close all of them? Is hot backup of Domino databases possible with Backup Exec?

Saurabh Gupta's picture

- Note that hot backup of Domino databases is possible only if they are Domino server databases, that is, if they reside in Domino data folder.

- In your case, it seems you are backing up databases which are Notes data folder. Hot backup of these is not allowed by Domino itself.

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