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0xe0008527 – VERITAS Storage Foundation for Windows (VSFW) unexpectedly failed. Check that the VSFW service is running, and check the status of existing disk groups and volumes.

Created: 22 Feb 2013 | 6 comments

Hello Team.

I Had an issue where backup Exec 10d SBS job failed although it looks to have backed up all data.

Backup Exec = 10d SBS

OS is windows 2003.

The following error message is displayed.

Completed status: Failed

Final error: 0xe0008527 – VERITAS Storage Foundation for Windows (VSFW) unexpectedly failed. Check that the VSFW service is running, and check the status of existing disk groups and volumes.

Final error category: System Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-34087

Checking the system you find that VERITAS Storage Foundation for Windows (VSFW) is not installed and that you cannot change advance open file settings, or advance open file system is set to disabled.

When you run: “VSSadmin list providers” you return the following results.

C:\>vssadmin list providers

vssadmin 1.1 - Volume Shadow Copy Service administrative command-line tool
(C) Copyright 2001 Microsoft Corp.

Provider name: 'StorageCraft Volume Snapshot Software Provider'
   Provider type: Software
   Provider Id: {24602736-bed9-4619-91b0-243447c6409c}

Provider name: 'Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0'
   Provider type: System
   Provider Id: {b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5}

When I found most if the VSS writers are in failed state...then i rebooted the server and conform all VSS writers were in stable state..then I fired the backup job but again it fails due to an same error....and again I found few VSS writers are in failed state....Why this is happening????

Thanks & Regards,

Satnosh Pawar

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Please check the link below

You should upgrade BE version to more recent one as 10d is EOL and no longer supported



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I have already check the above article.....But issue is different..

Now i have re-registor the Vss dll files. as per below article.

Earlier backup job was failing while performing backup of "Shadow?Copy?Components".

So i fired NTbackup of System?State which has completed successfully.  Then for testing purpose i fired backup of Shadow?Copy?Components only through Backup exec....Which has completed successfully.

Now i have changed the selection list and kept "Shadow?Copy?Components" last resource.....fired backup job via backup exec...which is in running state...Let's see the result...I will update you the same as earliest possible...

Thanks & Regards,

Satnosh Pawar

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Again backup job fails due to same issue..."Shadow?Copy?Components".

Single "Shadow?Copy?Components" backup job is completing successfully.

But with SQL , Exchange and goes failed on "Shadow?Copy?Components".

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What VSS provider have you chosen under the advanced open file options of the backup job ? Is it set to choose any provider automatically or have you explicitly chosen a specific provider ?

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Hello Backup_Exec and VJware,

I am in a very similar situation. A week ago I upgraded Symantec System Recovery from v.2011_10.0.3.45857 to v.2013_11.0.0.46600 and I am getting 0xe0008527 error in Backup Exec ever since. I think the SSR upgrade also installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4 components that I did not have before. Also, Windows update found and installed some patches for .NET Framework 4 after the upgrade.

My configuration: Windows SBS-2003, Backup Exec 10d for Windows Servers, Symantec System Recovery 2013.

In "Advanced Open File" option in backup properties the "Use Advanced Open File Option" is unchecked and grayed-out radio button is on "Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service" / "Automatic - Allow VSS to select the snapshoot provider".

Anything I can do to eliminate this error without upgrading Backup Exec?

Thank you,


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I have upgrade version of Vssadmin is 5.2.3790.3959 to 5.2.3790.4143.

After this one backup job get completed successfully......But again next backup job failed due to most of the VSS writers again failed...

Provider Selected for backup job is : 'Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0'