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0xE000FE7D: administrator rights needed for system state

Created: 21 Apr 2010 • Updated: 24 Oct 2010 | 10 comments

I need help with the account system of BE (I'm using BE 2010 on SBS 2003). I needed to change the logon account for the BE services, because the password was lost. No the services use "Backup" as logon account:

But now I again have the problem, that my backups fail with
Error in snapshot provider: 0xE000FE7D: Access denied
For backing up system state administrator rights are needed
I tried everything, but the problem is that I do not understand one word of the account concept of BE. I would be really grateful if someone could help with step by step advice what to do to make my backups work again. Please see the other screenshot - testing resources is successful:


Some other accounts defined in BE:

Thanks a lot for help!

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 but the problem is that I do not understand one word of the account concept of BE

The backupexec service account  (the account that the services run as) must be a local administrator on any machine you want to backup.  In most cases, it is easiest to make it a Domain Admin

Just add the Backup Exec service account to the appropriate Administrator group, and your backups should start working

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1. Configure System Logon Account by clicking on Network and Logon Accounts in Backup Exec, as shown in figure below [Also make sure Domain name is added in front on the user name in the System Logon Account]



2. Confirm that the Backup Exec Remote Agent For Windows Systems service is running under Local System account on all the servers being backed up.

Note: Backup Exec account needs to be a Domain Administrator with the following rights mentioned in the article

Solution 2:
If the remote server is in different domain than the Backup Exec server, a Trust will need set between the domains.
Workaround, If a Trust can not be set, use Windows Backup to backup the remote system state, then use Backup Exec to back that up with the file backup.

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thanks a lot for help. Unfortunately I cannot see your figures, could you upload them again? By the way: Domain name has already been added and Remote Agent is already running under Local System account. There is only one server / one domain.


Backup-Account is member of Administrators, Domain Admins, Domain Users and Backup Operators. Thanks for input.

Any other ideas?

Additional information: I usually logon to the server for administrative tasks as user "Admin". I tried to change the settings of the BE accounts (see the 3rd figure), but I couldn't because BE states that the account in question is used by other accounts?? Could it be the problem that "system logon account" is "restricted" ("eingeschränkt" in german, see figure 3) instead of "common"?

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It does not matter if the system account is restricted.. Log on to the server with the System account
Update the Credentials for it or if you want change the System account to the admin account .....

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if I change the System Logon Account from BE from "Backup" to "Admin" - does this make my backups run again?

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You can give that a shot . or maybe just reentering the credentail and can also do the trick ...

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still does not work, I'm still not able to configure the BE accounts the right way, I have no idea what this programm want to tell me with it account system. If you're talking about "can do the trick" it says to me that it is a matter of luck whether you find the right, the working configuration. How can  it be, that a backup software only does it's job if you by chance find the right settings? What can I do now to make it work again?

Thanks and regards,

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I meant Re-entering the credentails for the backup exec account ,as it can be the password for the Service is not updated
 Refer the documents to check what rights the system account needs

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what is the "backup exec account"? I reentered password for Windows account "Backup". This account was created only for the purpose of starting the services of BE. That doesn't change the problem. Then I went to BE and launched Login account management ("Network" / "Login account"), where I reentered the password for the "System-Login-Account" (see figure no 2 in my first post). This account seems to be a BE account and I chose the same password like the one for the Windows account named "Backup". Unfortunately this did not change the situation - my client is for 4 days without backup now'!

By the way: I cannot delete any of the accounts shown in BE Login account management, one because it is used by the backup jobs and the other because it supposedly is logged on (which is definitly wrong).

It seems like no one ever understood this account thing in BE, because no one seems exactly to now what's going on. Is there any chance to overcome this situation without reinstalling the whole software? Or is it easier to reinstall it instead of configuring accounts?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Ok, I give up, now I have:

0xe0000383 - Microsoft Windows-Login failed.

It seems to be impossible to repair this hullabaloo of BE with it's own accounts and/or windows accounts and/or accounts that starts services and/or accounts that are used for logon and/or accounts that are used by the backup jobs and/or BE accounts that are associated with Windows accounts. I install it from scratch and hope, that BE is working again.

When I look at this software and at the articles in this forum, hope seems to be the constant companion of the BE user, because no one seems to see through that program. And if you don't have real control over it you don't know at the end of the day whether it really does what it should do. To me this is a sort of death sentence for Software which claims to deal with security.

Thanks for help.