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11d / compte de restauration ; help

Created: 06 Jun 2012 • Updated: 23 Aug 2012 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


J'utilise une version 11d (windows 2003r2) sur deux serveurs identiques;

l'un pour la sauvegarde (sur bande LTO, je sauvegarde mon site, donc plusieurs serveurs)

l'autre pour la restauration (sur un site distant, c'est un serveur autonome)

Je précise que je suis en pleine reprise après sinistre (pas de stress....), et je mets mes bandes dans le lecteur du serveur de restauration ; pas de problème, après un inventaire & un catalogage de la bande, Backup Exec est capable de lire ce qu'il y a dessus (ouf!), mais il me demande un compte de connexion pour chaque ressource sauvegardé (en gros, pour chaque serveur qui a un élément sauvegardé sur la bande, je dois donner un compte de connexion).

Mais mon serveur PRA est autonome (il n'a même pas de compte AD ) ; et lorsque j'essaie de créer à la main un compte de connexion (domaine\Administrateur) identique à mon site de production, il me dit que le compte est incorrect.

A l'aide !! Je suis vraiment dans le bleu...

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So that server in the remote location needs to be on your domain, the Domain Admins group needs to be added to the Local Admins group, and you should be able to ping via name/IP from both media servers (to eliminate DNS errors). Then add that BESA account from the production server into the Local Admins group for good measure!

Once done, open up BEutility.exe, right-click your server name, and choose the option to change the service account details. Enter in the account that you use on your production site. let BEutility.exe make the changes, and restart the services.

Once done, open up BE, and then see if you need to add your BESA account in (you shouldn't have too). This should allow you to do what you need too...


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I've another surprise.

Now it works ; when i make a save on my backup server, my new server can read and identify the tapes (i've to catalog and inventory them first).

I also can check "ok" the accounts to connect to all servers.

But when i start and recovery task on this new server, ths job stopped immedialty with this message :

Fin du travail : mardi 21 août 2012 à 15:45:01
Etat de fin : Echec
Erreur finale : 0xe000fe28 - Impossible d'établir une connexion réseau au serveur.
Catégorie d'erreur finale : Erreurs du travail

Pour plus d'informations sur cette erreur, reportez-vous au lien V-79-57344-65064

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Is the RAWS agent running and publishing correctly to your media server?


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In addition to above, ensure ndmp port 10000 is not in use either by any other process/app..

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1. how i know the RAW agent is running ? (what is this agent ?)

I've those services running ;

Backup Exec Agent Browser

Backup Exec Device & Media Service

Backup Exec Job Engine

Backup Exec Remote Agent for windows systems

Backup Exec Server

the only thing installed is "symantec Backup Exec for windows servers"

2. when i make a netstat -a

i can see the port 10000 used by two pid (not backyp exec) and is "LISTENING", but i'm able to see what application may use those pid (on this server, there nothing else ORacle Database & Backup Exec). If there's a bug here, how change the port ?

thanks !!!

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...check the TN on how to change the port being used:

You can also go to your Start Menu --> All Programs --> Symantec & you will see the RAWS agent listed there. Open it up, and go to the Publishing tab to see where it is publishing too.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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RAWS or AWS is the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Service (This is to be in a 'started' state & running under a local system account...Pls note, the server to which you are restoring the data should also have a remote agent installed..

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CraigV --> I change the port  ; it works !

Great ! You're an abolute champion.

Thanks a lot.