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12.5 2008R2 64 remote agent is causing server to reboot when backing up Hyper-V

Created: 04 Mar 2010

I believe the agent that installs from my 2003 media server to this 2008R2 server is the 64-bit, SP3 version.

I see there is a hotfix be2213R331998_x64bit_334938.exe that is supposed to address Hyper-V, R2, etc. compatiblity, but when I try to run the patch locally on the 2008 server, it fails.  A dialog box on the screen comes up that says "Upgrade terminated unexpectedly.  Please see installation log for details."

The log text is:
03-04-2010,13:40:16 :  Entering PatchSetup.exe

03-04-2010,13:40:16 :  Command Line: /NAME:Hotfix-331998 /UI:FULL /64BITPFW:

03-04-2010,13:40:16 :  Executing GetPatchInfo.

03-04-2010,13:40:16 :  V-225-136:  The patch failed to install.  An alert was unable to be generated to notify the user.  ***To search for information about this error, click <a href="" target="main">here </a>

03-04-2010,13:40:16 :  Exiting PatchSetup.exe

HELP!  I need to be able to back this server up.