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12.5 SP3, WORM media and e0000f16 - The operation failed to acquire the minimum number of drives and media needed.

Created: 30 Nov 2009 • Updated: 03 Jun 2010 | 2 comments
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Running Backup Exec 12.5 SP3 on a Windows Server 2003 machine using LTO WORM tapes and Backup Exec refuses to write to any tape I put in - the jobs fail in two seconds with the error e0000f16 - The operation failed to acquire the minimum number of drives and media needed.

I've Googled that error and found some suggestions about not associating the media with a custom set and leaving it in Scratch media where it first goes after an inventory, but it dies with the same error. It does the same if I attribute it to 'Keep Data Indefinitely - Do not allow overwrite' or my own custom Media Set. The backup job is set to use WORM media.

Basically whatever I do, the job fails with that same error. I can see the tape in the device and in the media screen, but Backup Exec never thinks it's available. Any ideas?

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I contacted Symantec as I had this same issue. One of the things they pointed out (I don't believe any of what else they said pertains to this issue so I won't include it) was our Quantum LTO unit was using a Quantum driver instead of Symantec's. They had me run the tapeinst.exe located in the Backup Exec directory under Program Files (or where ever you installed Backup Exec.) After that I had to, within the Devices tab in Backup Exec, delete under the Stand-Alone Drivers and the Robotic Libraries the Quantum device that was listed. After that I had to restart the Backup Exec Services for it to detect the Quantum device again. As of this morning I was able to do test backups okay. Tonight is when our actual backups run so hoping this fixed our issue since the test jobs ran okay.

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Cheers for commenting.
Unfortunately I've tried that twice already - I've made sure that we're running the Symantec drivers by deleting the drive in Backup Exec, stopping all services, running tapeinst, starting the services again and discovering the drive again. Hasn't made a difference.