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1TB encryption taking LONG time (5+ days)

Created: 16 May 2011 • Updated: 16 May 2011 | 2 comments

I installed a new 1tb WD Caviar HD in a Dell 4700 running  XP Pro SP3.

I decrypted the old 40gb HD and cloned it to a 200gb partition on the new HD and made the rest of the space a second primary partition. All are NTFS

Everything booted up and ran OK, so i decided to then encrypt the whole HD.

It started out fine, indicating that it would take about 19 hours or so  This seemd OK, around 1gb per minute (give or take)  The first 280gb  took about 8 hours, or  about .6gb per minute.

At about 280gb i had to pause the encryption and started it back up the next day.  The encryption rate after restart is very slow though - around 1gb every 10 minutes, or about 5 days to finish!  I am not sure what happenned!

The machine is a Dual Core CPU with 2GB ram and running XP pro SP3.

I have since paused it again, rebooted and started back up, but it is still encrypting at a VERY slow rate.

I have no idea what could be causing the VERY slow encryption.



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rudyo's picture

Has anyone seen this?

If you wait long enough to comment...the encryption will be done!

Please take a look at this and give me soem direction


Sarah Mays's picture

I haven't seen this issue... i have a 1TB Lacie drive it took about 24 hrs to encrypt.

I'd suggest turning on debug logging to see if there's anything fun interesting in the logs.

Beyond that, are you using the fastest connection available (usb 2.0/firewire/usb 3.0) for the drive? is AV scanning the drive?

There are ways to speed up encryption by encrypting using maximum CPU or encrypting with AES128 instead of AES256 (pgpwde command line option only).