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2 backup jobs with same selection list but one fails all the time - backup exec 2010 R3

Created: 23 Aug 2013 | 8 comments

I wonder if anyone here can help me.

One of my clients is running backup exec 2010 R3 on one of their servers. They have 2 backup jobs scheduled (1 to an internal drive that is run everyday and the other to an external USB hard disk every second day) but for the past month the internal has failed. They both have the same selection list, settings, have AOFO set to use 'Microsoft Shadow Copy Provider' but still the internals fail. The external backup has no issue and has been running fine for the passed month. The old technician at my company (he was the primary tech for this client) could't even get one of the jobs to run. I'd feel happier if both jobs could run fine.

The OS on the server is Windows 2008 R2 Standard (sp1) and Backup Exec 2010 R3 (i'm not sure about the update's as this server is behind a firewall that blocks all incoming and outging internet traffic, only the mail server and directors of the company has full internet access. 

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I should mention that according to the job log in the failed internal backups say that files are corrupt/missing meanwhile they are not.

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Do both the backups run at the same time ?

Consider recreating the first backup job and selection list to rule out any corruption possibility.

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The internal starts at 17:00 whereas the external starts at around 23:00. I have just re-created the internal job for the second time I think (placing the other one on hold) and also created a new selection list (for about the 9th time using the same folders as previous).

I would have to wait until monday to see whether this works or not as I do not connect remotely to the servers so I won't be able to see whether this works until then

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1) Have you tried switching the timing of the jobs and see what happens?

2) You might want to download and upgrade the server to SP3

Backup Exec 2010 R3 revision 5204 Service Pack 3
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Are you running full backup every day @17:00 and on second @23:00 ?

Does Anti virus scan during backup time @17:00 and therefore switch backup time for both jobs.

High possibilty is corruption of  first Job, therefore you have done right by creating New Job as suggested.

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Nope no anti virus scans are running at the time. The only anti virus scans that run on the server is manual scans.

Internal backup runs everyday at 17h00 and the external runs every second day at 23h00

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Well last nights backup jobs (both were scheduled to run) are still running but I'm hopeful they will both finish successfully. The external job has been running for about 11 hours (catching up to the internal job which has been running for about 17 or so) without any issues as when they did fail it would bee in the first few hours and definitely not this late. If this does work I will let you know.

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It looks like everything is all right. Both jobs that started last night ran through fine (albeit took almost 20 hours for the internal backup and over 14 hours for the external copying about 620 gig of data) but I would only be happy if it runs like this at least 2 more times (internals only tonight both run again tomorrow night)