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2010 R3 - backup to Disk and deduplication

Created: 23 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

I have a 1.8 TB disk on the san that the backup server can access, but the job I want to run is about 3 TB of data for a full backup. How do I get the job to run on another disk after the first disk fills up since I cant go over 2 TB of disk space (windows limitation I think)? Also, If the full backup job is about 3TB and I need to to have enough space for a month of full backups every weekend and incrementals during the week and take a full backup at the end of the month and put it on tape for off site storage - how much space woudl I need? I'm using 2010 R3 on W2K8 R2 Thanks.

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Have a look at this article written by one of the TAs -

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Those are some subjective questions which really can't be answered. You can search for a Backup Exec dedupe calculator which MIGHT give an indication, but it will be a very limited indication.

Your dedupe ratio depends on the amount of similar data being backed up, file types etc. Can't give you an estimate based on 1.8TB of data. Other vendors have applications that you run against the data you want to backup which spits out indicative dedupe ratios, but I haven't seen anything from Symantec.


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