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2012 Backup Exec and Exchange Log Files

Created: 15 Jun 2012 | 4 comments

We recently upgraded from 2010 to 2012 Backup Exec and even though we are successfully, fully backing up our two physical Exchange 2003 servers, the log files are not being purged after successful backups. Can someone assist me in ensuring that thes elog files are being deleted after a successful backup. I found a section in files and folders under backup options that says "Delete selected files and folders after successful backup" then sub option that says "preserve tree on back up and delete". Is this the option I am looking for?

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Marco Tafur - Qualitas Technology's picture

Those options are for File system related backup jobs. And please, for your own good don't enable them because it will delete ALL YOUR FILES after backup.

Now, I can't see the Exchange option in the screenshot. Do you have the Exchange license installed in the media server?

ON the other hand, Does the exhcnage 2003 servers have SP1 o SP2 applied? You must have either of them according to the BE 2012 SCL.

Logs won't be purged unless you are doing backup to Exchange itself using the Exchange Agent related options which appear when you have the Application and Databases license installed. 

CabarrusHealth's picture

I think the issue is that you are using a "One-Time Backup" which appears to perform an incremental backup which does not delete transaction logs. Try the option to the left of it that I highlighted below. I am actually running a test on it as we speak since i performed a One-Time Backup yesterday and my logs did not truncate either.

helpdeskin101's picture

I do show that the last full backup was incremental, I've schedule a full backup to test the theory. Let me know your results please. I will also look into the licensing comment mentioned.

CabarrusHealth's picture

Using the highlighted Backup button and not the One-Time Backup did truncate the logs. I assume this is a bug or something overlooked as the One-Time Backup should be able to tell if the server has Exchange installed and give us option of Incremental or Full. I will place link below from the post i made a couple of days ago. The good news for me is that the Exchange backups are stable but are extremely slow. The slowness is not 100% related to backup exec as I am deailing with some other issues that need to get worked out, like QOS over our WAN pipe to deprioritize SAN replication traffic.