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2012 creating full jobs for a single tape

Created: 20 Aug 2012 | 2 comments

First things frst, I've been using backup Exec since it was an Arcada product (before Seagate) and considered myself fairly advanced in the use of the product. However the 2012 version is confusing me.

I installed over the top of 2010R3 and (I thought) it imported my jobs fairly well. I ran for about two weeks using the imported jobs but was getting aggravated at troubleshooting all the little nits and bits that were failing and decided to start fresh. What I'd like to do is have two jobs; one that runs every Friday and does a full backup of 17 servers, then follow up with a second deifferential job that runs Mon-Thur on the same 17 servers. I know that I cannot just have the two jobs anymore, now it has to be 34 separate jobs. I'd like to get my hands on the throat of whoever thought that was a good enough idea to FORCE all customers to use it, but that is another subject.

So I have my 17 full backup jobs set for this Friday and my 17 differential jobs set for tonight (Mon) through Thursday. The differentials will not run until there's a full so rather than wait a whole week without a backup I guess I have no choice but to run my full now. Counting the verification process the full backups on 2010 used to run about 24-28 hours, so there's definitely a problem there but again, I have no choice.

The full and diff jobs are set to overwrite, this is a single tape environment (LTO5 and about 1.25TB of data), so as long as the operator makes sure he/she has the correct tape in the drive my "keep data for 4 weeks" media set should be fine. I used to always have the jobs eject the tape when finished, but with 17 separate ones that may be a problem so I turned that off. However after sucessfully backing up the first machine (Exchange 2010), the job ejected the tape and it is now not available for the 2nd (and 3rd through 17th) job. What gives? The simpler question is why did it eject when the box was not checked, but the bigger question is how am i supposed to back up all my servers without having a single tape for each bloody one?

Surely a one tape per server is not the idea here like the one job per server thing. GRRRRRR!

As I am typing this I am seriously comtemplating uninstalling 2012 and putting 2010 back on. Please help!

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I had no choice but to cancel 16 of the jobs. At least now my differentials will run tonight because of that.

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To get your data onto one tape, your first job must specify overwrite and the rest of the jobs must specify append.  You got to make sure that the AP of the tape is long enough for all the jobs to write to the tape.  The last job will then eject the tape.  Also, see this document

How to back up multiple servers to a single series of tapes in Backup Exec 2012

As to why your tape is ejected, could it be full and there is actually an alert for a 2nd tape?