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2012 unable to redirect restore from OES2/Groupwise to Win Server

Created: 18 Dec 2012 | 5 comments

I have a SLES 10 SP4 server running OES2 SP3 and GroupWise 8.0.3 post HP1 build 105538.  I get backups fine, without reported errors.  Although I still get the SYMBDSNAP_SDK Failed to open device /dev/symbdsnapctl, errno: 2.  My greater issue is that I can't restore files redirected to another server (Windows based - no other SLES or OES deployment available).  I do have an open case with backline support, and development is working on the issue, but I was curious if anyone here had any insight/further information/confirmation, etc.

Any help is helpful.  Thanks in advance!

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I would question why you are trying to redirect to a Windows machine?

Are you aware that you would lose all the NSS and eDirectory attributes/permissions when you do this?

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Yes, I'm aware of the permissions issues.  At that point, I simply need files.  Groupwise allows for direct access to the restore area, and the databases still contain the user metadata and encryption.  This also works for third party programs for journaling.  At any rate, we don't use Novell eDir or OES for authentication.  The only reason we're running OES instead of straight SLES is so we can take advantage of the ralus open file options and GW TSA's during backup... they don't work for Groupwise just through the linux file system.

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Redirected restore should work. What is your case number?

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I have 2:  03222020 for the re-directed restore, and 02465246 for inability to restore from BE2010 media.  Both are being handled by Bruce Maloney on the back line support team.  He's working with development on both of these items.

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OK, I know Bruce. You are in good hands...